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Natural Stone Patios

Are you looking for a more bespoke and custom option for replacing your old patio area? Why not call AD Groundworks to schedule a free estimate from our designers who can go through some of the options available to you when you choose us for laying down a new natural stone patio in Croydon.

Natural stone patios are most commonly sandstone patios, limestone patios which are all natural stone products that are calibrated and cut into the shapes of slabbing. These types of stone patios are laid using 3 to 4 different sizes in order to create a random styled patio feel to the back of your home.

Sandstone Patios

Sandstone patios and in particular Indian sandstone patios are the most common type of natural stone patios that are laid. With a wide variety of colours including Kandla Grey, Fossil Mint, Sawn mint and Raj green to name just a few. We always recommend seeing samples in person as a picture can rarely capture the through colour variations. Another point to remember is wet vs dry, a wet sandstone slab can look quite different than a dry one as wet slabs create a deeper and dark colour on sandstone.

Limestone Patios

The next most popular type of patio we lay in Croydon are Limestone patios which even though at first glance might look similar to sandstone, is actually quite different. Firstly, the texture finish on limestone is a harder finish which means it is not as porous and it has a less rippled finish on it. Colour variations are less common within limestone and most commonly are available in either a light sandy colour variation or in a dark grey finish.


Porcelain Tiled Patios

Tiled gardens and patios are slowly becoming extremely popular for clients as the cost of porcelain has come down significantly from where it once was. We have included porcelain in our list even though porcelain is not a natural stone, many people think it is and so it makes more sense to highlight it here.

Even though its not natural stone, the colour and durability of the tiled finish will rival any natural stone product as its made under very strict conditions to ensure long term durability and colour retention. Laid similar to any other type of slabbing, we will always recommend having slurry primer used on each of the slabs to boost the bonding of the porcelain to the mortar bed. We recommend a resin grout finish once we have tiled your garden or patio.

Our natural stone designers and installers can advise you on what will work best in your patio / garden and can suggest any additions such as walling and decorative edging to ensure that you, the customer, maximise the potential of your garden.A more affordable for a small patio renovation is our patio slabbing in Croydon which we provide free quotes for as well.

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